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Two new courses created at UPRM

Research Achievements

Two new courses created at UPRM

Two new courses were created at UPRM. Both courses are multidisciplinary and are designed to provide fundamentals knowledge to students in areas other than their own. Both courses are also opened to students other than the IGERT fellows. These course are Policy Implications of Sustainability Approaches to Civil Infrastructure and Wave Diagnostics.

Additionally, a white-paper proposal activity for the UPRM students, where they learn about proposal witting, requirements, budgeting, administration, etc. The activity includes workshops targeted to show the students how to look for funding and comply with funding requirements from different agencies. The activity also includes a white-paper proposal they must write and submit to the IGERT panel. If applicable to the IGERT theme, the proposal provides them with some minimal funding that they can use to develop their multidisciplinary IGERT project.