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The Showcase Highlights, Stories, and short Achievements provide a window to the innovative work conducted by the IGERT programs.


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Highlights provide insight into the accomplishments of the IGERT programs in terms of reaching strategic goals in the areas of learning, discovery, and research infrastructure.

Featured Highlight

Development of a Stabilizing and Stair-Climbing Power Wheelchair Controller
IGERT: Interdisciplinary Research Training in Rehabilitation Engineering University of Pittsburgh

A novel electric powered wheelchair developed by IGERT fellows, MeBot, has the ability to climb steps and is able to drive under hazardous surfaces, cross slopes, and steep hills. More »

IGERT Stories

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Programs tell their stories through video narratives, field notes, news clippings, informal reports, and blogs.

Featured Story

Denise Koessler and Sheryl Sandberg in USA Today
IGERT: Scalable Computing and Leading Edge Innovative Technologies (SCALE-IT) for Biology, UT

Denise Koessler, leads a 25-member circle at the University of Tennessee, where she is a Ph.D. candidate in electrical engineering and computer science. “Our mission is to recruit, mentor and retain women (in our department),” she says. More »


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Achievements offer a glance at the research, education and trainee achievements of the IGERT programs.

Featured Achievement

Interdisciplinary teams carry out work in Idaho
IGERT: Evaluating Resilience of Ecological and Social Systems in Changing Landscapes: A Doctoral Research and Education Program in Idaho and Costa Rica, University of Idaho

Three of the project’s interdisciplinary teams of students and faculty are carrying out their research in Idaho... More »