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NSF IGERT 2013 Video & Poster Competition
NSF IGERT 2012 Video & Poster Competition

Project Profile

IGERT: INTELLIGENT DIAGNOSTICS for Aging Civil Infrastructure

Northeastern University


This Integrative Graduate Education and Research Traineeship (IGERT) award supports the development of a multidisciplinary and multi-institutional graduate training program of education and research in Intelligent Diagnostics at Northeastern University and the University of Puerto Rico at Mayaguez with partnerships with more than a dozen industrial and government partners… more »


Project members' contributions to the library and showcase are listed here.
Title Category Type Posted At
Quantifying Reinforced Concrete Bridge Deck Corrosion Using Ground Penetrating Radar NSF IGERT 2013 Video & Poster Competition Video & Poster 05/20/13
Modeling the Detection and Localization of Anti-Personnel Landmines using Ground-Contact Antennas for Ground-Penetrating Radar NSF IGERT 2012 Video & Poster Competition Video & Poster 05/21/12
Simple Accurate Model-Based Description of Direct Coupled Ground Penetrating Radar Showcase Highlight 11/21/11
Trainee works with leader in GPR Showcase Achievement 10/13/10
Abnormality detection of cable-stayed bridge Showcase Achievement 10/13/10
New VOTERS project Showcase Achievement 10/13/10
Trainees present posters at research forums Showcase Achievement 10/13/10
Intelligent Diagnostics IGERT session at ANCRiSST Showcase Achievement 10/13/10
Trainee selected to attend Asia-Pacific Summer School Showcase Achievement 10/13/10
Trainees participate in weekly round tables Showcase Achievement 10/13/10