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NSF IGERT 2013 Video & Poster Competition
NSF IGERT 2012 Video & Poster Competition

About the Resource Center ( staff at TERC in Cambridge, MA, with funding from NSF, served the IGERT community by providing a virtual resource center and a collegial network from 2008 - 2015. The Resource Center facilitated the sharing of resources, research, presentations, best practices, career opportunities, and conferences posted by trainees, faculty, alumni and partners. also provided national and international dissemination of varied interdisciplinary graduate education programs funded by NSF’s IGERT program. The three poster and video competitions held in 2011- 2013 were extraordinarily successful in sharing the innovative, cutting edge, research being conducted by trainees in each of these programs with a very broad public audience. Archives of each of these competitions are still available using the links provided in the left navigation bar here on

As of October 1, 2015, funding for ended. This site is now archived and is no longer actively maintained. Membership has been removed and content that was dependent on logging in (e.g. The Job and Conference Boards, Groups, and Webinars) is no longer accessible.

We thank our former members as well as all of those who have served on advisory panels, have participated in one of the video and poster competitions, have posted to the site, or have been interested readers of its content for their participation and valuable contributions.

The Resource Center was created and facilitated by TERC, Inc. This site was funded by the National Science Foundation. Opinions expressed are those of the contributors and not necessarily those of the Foundation. (TERC) Staff

2012-2013 Trainee Advisory Board

  • Aadeel Akhtar, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
    IGERT: Neuroengineering: A Unified Educational Program for Systems Engineering and Neuroscience
  • Matthew Cooper, University of Notre Dame
    IGERT: Global Linkages of Biology, Environment, and Society (GLOBES)
  • Diana Graizbord, Brown University
    IGERT: An Integrated Program on Development and Inequality in the Global South
  • Margery Hines, Northeastern University
    IGERT: INTELLIGENT DIAGNOSTICS for Aging Civil Infrastructure
  • Kristy Jost, Drexel University
    IGERT: Fellowships in Nanoscale Science & Engineering: The Two-University/One Campus Approach 2
  • Jesse Kohl, Rutgers University
    IGERT: Nanotechnology for Clean Energy
  • Noam Ross, University of California, Davis
    IGERT: Responding to RApid Environmental Change (REACH): From genes to ecosystems, science to society

2011-2012 Faculty Advisory Board

  • Charles Michael Drain, Hunter College of the City University of New York
    IGERT: Returning the Radio to Chemistry: Integrating Radiochemistry into a Chemistry PhD Program
  • Karen Hooker, Oregon State University
    IGERT: Linking Individuals, Families and Environments in an Aging Society
  • Karen McDonald, University of California at Davis
    IGERT: Collaborative Research and Education in Agricultural Technologies and Engineering (CREATE)
  • Glenn Page, SustainaMatrix
    Project Evaluator for multiple current IGERT projects
  • Srinivas Sridhar, Northeastern University
    IGERT: Nanomedicine Science and Technology
  • Ouri Wolfson, University of Illinois at Chicago
    IGERT: Graduate Program in Computational Transportation Science

2011-2012 Trainee Advisory Board

  • Annie Aigster, Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University (Alum)
    Macromolecular Interfaces with Life Sciences: Oxidative Processes (MILES)
  • R. Kyle Bocinsky, Washington State University
    IGERT: Model-Based Approaches to Biological and Cultural Evolution
  • Rishee Jain, Columbia University
    Solving Urbanizing Challenges by Design: A New PhD Program Between Architecture and Engineering
  • Terri La Count, University of Cincinnati
    Bio-Applications of Membrane Science and Technology
  • Mitchell LeRoy, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute
    Terahertz Science and Technology: A Studio-Based Approach
  • Susan Mackintosh, University at Buffalo
    IGERT: Ecosystem Restoration through Interdisciplinary Exchange (ERIE)
  • Luis Villanueva-Cubero, University of Puerto Rico at Rio Piedras
    IGERT: Natural-Human Systems in the Urbanizing Tropics

2011-2012 Program Coordinator Advisory Board

  • Linda Anthony, Rutgers University
    Solutions for Renewable and Sustainable Fuels in the 21st Century
  • Penny Dockry, UCSD Scripps Institute of Oceanography
    Global Change, Marine Ecosystems, and Society
  • Barbara Gibson, Colorado State University
    IGERT: Multidisciplinary Approaches to Sustainable Bioenergy
  • Lee McDavid, Dartmouth College
    IGERT: Polar Environmental Change
  • Laura Miller, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
    IGERT: Training the Next Generation of Researchers in Cellular & Molecular Mechanics and Bionanotechnology
  • Danielle Tadros, Drexel University
    IGERT Fellowships in Nanoscale Science and Engineering: The Two-University/One Campus Approach 2
  • Mariko Walton, University of California at Los Angeles
    Clean Energy for Green Industry at UCLA

2010-2011 Trainee Advisory Board

  • Ellison Carter, University of Texas at Austin
    IGERT: Indoor Environmental Science and Engineering - An Emerging Frontier
  • Aaron Greco, Northwestern University (Alum)
    IGERT: Future Engineers and Powertrain Virtualization Technology
  • Erik Koepf, University of Delaware
    IGERT: Sustainable Energy from Solar Hydrogen
  • Ben Neal, Scripps Institution of Oceanography
    IGERT: Marine Biodiversity - Understanding Threats and Providing Solutions
  • Kes Schroer, George Washington University
    IGERT: Dynamics of Behavioral Shifts in Human Evolution: Brains, Bodies and Ecology
  • Amanda Lee Smith, University of Washington
    IGERT: Bioresource-based Energy for Sustainable Societies
  • Alyson Stuer, Northeastern University
    IGERT: Intelligent Diagnostics for Aging Civil Infrastructure

2010-2011 Program Coordinator Advisory Board

  • Linda Bugge, University of New Mexico
    IGERT: Integrating Nanotechnology with Cell Biology and Neuroscience
  • Ashanti Edwards, Johns Hopkins University
    IGERT: Physical & Biomolecular Foundations for Designing Nanoprobes
  • Claudia Farber, Rutgers University
    IGERT: Interdisciplinary Training in Perceptual Science
  • Carolyn Johnson, University of Chicago
    IGERT: Integrative Training in Motor Control and Movement
  • Katherine Hoffman, Oregon State University
    IGERT: Ecosystem Informatics
  • Tykeia Robinson, Columbia University
    IGERT: Solving Urbanization Challenges by Design
  • Keith Rutlin, Kansas State University
  • Gail Ryser, Arizona State University
    IGERT: Urban Ecology 2

2008-2009 Trainee Advisory Board

  • thumbnail of Daniel BirtDaniel Birt, University of Texas
    IGERT: Atomic and Molecular Imaging of Interfaces/Defects in Electronic, Spintronic, and Organic/Inorganic Materials
  • thumbnail of Ken FairesKen Faires, University of Washington
    IGERT: Bioresource-based Energy for Sustainable Societies
  • thumbnail of Akinbayowa FalaseAkinbayowa Falase, University of New Mexico
    IGERT: Integrating Nanotechnology with Cell Biology and Neuroscience
  • thumbnail of Erik KoepfErik Koepf, University of Delaware
    IGERT: Sustainable Energy from Solar Hydrogen
  • thumbnail of Thad MillerThad Miller, Arizona State University
    IGERT in Urban Ecology
  • thumbnail of Emily PetersEmily Peters, University of Minnesota
    IGERT: Non-equilibrium Dynamics Across Space and Time: A Common Approach for Engineers, Earth Scientists and Ecologists
  • thumbnail of Kevin TubbsKevin Tubbs, Louisiana State University
    IGERT on Multi-scale Computations of Fluid Dynamics

2008-2009 Faculty Advisory Board

  • thumbnail of Peter V. AugustPeter V. August, University of Rhode Island
    Assessing Change in Coastal Ecosystems: Integrating Natural and Social Sciences
  • thumbnail of Dave C. JohnsonDave C. Johnson, University of Oregon
    IGERT: Interdisciplinary Materials Program to Accelerate the Transition from Student to Scientist
  • thumbnail of Prabhas V. MoghePrabhas V. Moghe, Rutgers University
    IGERT: Integrated Science and Engineering of Stem Cells
  • thumbnail of Daniel SchwartzDaniel Schwartz, University of Washington
    IGERT: Bioresource-based Energy for Sustainable Societies
  • thumbnail of Maribeth WatwoodMaribeth Watwood, Northern Arizona University
    IGERT: Integrative Bioscience: Genes to Environment

Technical Advisory Board