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Ohio's STEM Ability Alliance


The Learning with Disability IGERT team won a 5-year Research in Disability Education grant from the NSF to establish Ohio’s STEM Ability Alliance. Proposed on the foundation of research and graduate training created by the Wright State IGERT program in Learning with Disability, OSAA is establishing a program of innovative interventions at Wright State University, Ohio State University and associated community colleges that will increase the number and quality of degrees earned by students with disabilities in science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) fields.

OSAA is developing comprehensive intrusive advising sytems for STEM students with disabilities, learning communities, advanced adaptive technology, internship and laboratory research experiences and mentoring programs designed to facilitate the transition to postsecondary education, ensure retention in STEM studies and produce graduates with first rate qualifications for the STEM job market and graduate training.

Address Goals

OSAA furthers the goals of the Technology-based Learning with Disability IGERT by helping to create a pipeline of dedicated interdisciplinary researchers who will have unique abilities to address the problem of enhancing formal education and lifelong learning through the application of advanced technologies and training methods. OSAA will also enhance the quality of the IGERT Fellows’ training experience by providing new research opportunities to develop and refine technologies that will advance learning in STEM fields.