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04/23/2010 Scripps IGERT Project Student & Faculty Handbook IGERT Curricula IGERT Advisory Panel members handbook public
04/20/2010 Proteins are human after all Articles of Interest, Student/Faculty Work Just a thought public
04/09/2010 UW Tribal Renewable Energy Workshop Announcement Organizations and Websites workshop announcement public
03/29/2010 Bayer Facts of Science Education XIV: Female and Minority Chemists and Chemical Engineers Speak about Diversity and Underrepresentation in STEM Interdisciplinary Ed Report, survey public
03/22/2010 Why So Few? Women in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics Interdisciplinary Ed Catherine Hill, Christianne Corbett, Andresse St. Rose article, Report public
03/22/2010 Science and Engineering Indicators: 2010 Interdisciplinary Ed, NSF Documents article, Report public
02/24/2010 BenchFly Organizations and Websites protocol, resource public
02/24/2010 Survey Results Articles of Interest Report public
02/19/2010 Screening platelet-surface interactions using negative surface charge gradients. Student/Faculty Work Corum LE, Hlady V. faculty research public
02/09/2010 IGERT Fellow Interviewed on CHiP Technique Articles of Interest article, interview, student research public
01/22/2010 Real-time DNA microarrays: reality check Student/Faculty Work Alexander Chagovetz and Steve Blair article public
01/22/2010 Nanoaperture-Enhanced Signal-to-Noise Ratio in Fluorescence Correlation Spectroscopy Student/Faculty Work Jerome Wenger, Davy Gerard, Heykel Aouani, Herve Rigneault, Bryan Lowder, Steve Blair, Eloise Devaux and Thomas W. Ebbesen article public
01/09/2010 Quantitative Detection of Single Molecules in Fluorescence Microscopy Images Student/Faculty Work Eric M. Peterson and Joel M. Harris article public
12/09/2009 C-CHANGE Brochure IGERT Curricula brochure public
12/09/2009 C-CHANGE Flyer IGERT Curricula flyer public
12/09/2009 The Interdisciplinary Graduate Academy (IGA) Interdisciplinary Ed, Organizations and Websites Andrew Webber, Pamela Garrett, Jennifer Cason website public
12/09/2009 Exploring the Mysteries of the Ocean Floor Student/Faculty Work Lily Whiteman article public
12/08/2009 Ensuring the Integrity, Accessibility, and Stewardship of Research Data in the Digital Age Articles of Interest Committee on Ensuring the Utility and Integrity of Research Data in a Digital Age; National Academy of Sciences Report, book public
12/06/2009 Assisted colonization under the U.S. Endangered Species Act Articles of Interest, Student/Faculty Work Patrick D. Shirey, Gary A. Lamberti article, student interdisciplinary research public
12/04/2009 University of Idaho Student Wins Conservation Award Student/Faculty Work Sue McMurray article, student research public
12/04/2009 University of Idaho-CATIE Publications List Student/Faculty Work IGERT Faculty and students publications list public
11/20/2009 Project Brochure Organizations and Websites Penny Dockry brochure public
11/03/2009 Wood to Energy in Washington: Imperatives, Opportunities, and Obstacles to Progress Articles of Interest, Student/Faculty Work C. Larry Mason, Richard Gustafson, John Calhoun, Bruce R. Lippke, Natalia Raffaeli report to state legislature public
11/03/2009 Organizations and Websites website, resource public
10/26/2009 GEO Vision: Unraveling Earth's Complexities through the Geosciences Articles of Interest NSF Advisory Committee for Geosciences Report public
Displaying documents 376 - 400 of 537
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