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01/02/2011 Reconsidering 'Spatial Memory' and the Morris Water Maze Student/Faculty Work Jacqueline Sullivan article public
11/07/2010 Developing global competence in graduate engineering and science students through an IGERT international internship program IGERT Curricula, Interdisciplinary Ed, Student/Faculty Work Stephanie Cutler, Maura Borrego student research, resource public
11/07/2010 Definitions of interdisciplinary research: Toward graduate-level interdisciplinary learning outcomes Articles of Interest, Interdisciplinary Ed, Student/Faculty Work Maura Borrego, Lynita Newswander article public
11/07/2010 Constructive alignment of interdisciplinary graduate curriculum in engineering and science: An analysis of successful IGERT proposals Articles of Interest, Interdisciplinary Ed, Student/Faculty Work Maura Borrego, Stephanie Cutler resource, data on IGERT programs public
10/27/2010 Settlement in Novel Habitats Induced by Social Information may Disrupt Community Structure Articles of Interest, Student/Faculty Work Matthew G. Betts, Joseph J. Nocera, Adam S. Hadley article public
10/27/2010 Thermal-dissipation sap flow sensors may not yield consistent sap-flux estimates over multiple years. Articles of Interest, Student/Faculty Work Georgianne W. Moore, Barbara J. Bond, Julia A. Jones, Frederick C. Meinzer article public
10/27/2010 Predators indirectly control vector-borne disease: linking predator–prey and host–pathogen models Articles of Interest, Student/Faculty Work Sean M. Moore, Elizabeth T. Borer, Parviez R. Hosseini article public
10/27/2010 Estimating the deep seepage component of the hillslope and catchment water balance within a measurement uncertainty framework Articles of Interest, Student/Faculty Work Chris B. Graham, Willem van Verseveld, Holly R. Barnard, Jeffrey J. McDonnell article public
10/27/2010 Multiple sources of predictive uncertainty in modeled estimates of net ecosystem CO2 exchange Articles of Interest, Student/Faculty Work Stephen Mitchell, Keith Beven, Jim Freer article public
10/27/2010 The control of vector-borne disease epidemics Articles of Interest, Student/Faculty Work Geoffrey Hosack, Philippe Rossignol, Pauline van den Driessche article public
10/26/2010 Conundrums of a complex vector for invasive species control: a detailed examination of the horticultural industry Articles of Interest, Student/Faculty Work Drew, Anderson, Andow faculty research, student research public
10/21/2010 Core Curriculum in Interdisciplinary Perceptual Science IGERT Curricula, Interdisciplinary Ed Perceptual Science group @ Rutgers curriculum public
09/29/2010 Rising Above the Gathering Storm, Revisited: Rapidly Approaching Category 5 Articles of Interest, Interdisciplinary Ed By Members of the 2005 "Rising Above the Gathering Storm" Committee; Prepared for the Presidents of the National Academy of Sciences, National Academy of Engineering, and Institute of Medicine Report public
09/17/2010 Characteristics of Concrete Linked to Ballistic Resistance: Design of Testing Materials Articles of Interest, Student/Faculty Work Ariel Irizarry, Todd Rushing article, student research public
08/23/2010 Nanoparticle Silver Released into Water from Commercially Available Sock Fabric Student/Faculty Work Troy Benn, Paul Westerhoff student research public
08/20/2010 IGERT Handbook Revision Interdisciplinary Ed policies and procedures public
08/19/2010 Demography and Network Differentiation Student/Faculty Work Ashton Verdery social networks, Demography, agent based modelling, student research public
07/31/2010 The accuracy of Amplex Red assay for hydrogen peroxide in the presence of 1 nanoparticles Student/Faculty Work Chang-won Lee, Yen-chi Chen, Agnes Ostafin article public
07/31/2010 Carboxy SNARF-1 nanoreactors protected from dye-protein interactions, with fast pH response and reduced photobleaching for use in biological fluids. Student/Faculty Work Yen-Chi Chen, Agnes Ostafin, Hiroshi Mizukami article public
06/08/2010 Plants and Oxygen Interdisciplinary Ed, Student/Faculty Work Kayla Kaiser, Julia Bailey-Serres project vignette public
06/02/2010 Computer Vision Applications for Assessing Coral Reef Health Student/Faculty Work B.P. Neal , D.I. Kline, T.H. Konochick, O. Beijbom, T. Treibitz, S.J. Belongie, D.J. Kriegman, and B.G. Mitchell student research public
05/28/2010 External Evaluation Organizations and Websites Glenn Page information public
04/23/2010 Scripps IGERT Project Student & Faculty Handbook IGERT Curricula IGERT Advisory Panel members handbook public
04/20/2010 Proteins are human after all Articles of Interest, Student/Faculty Work Just a thought public
04/09/2010 UW Tribal Renewable Energy Workshop Announcement Organizations and Websites workshop announcement public
Displaying documents 376 - 400 of 559
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