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Energy & Sustainability 2011 Conference


The 5th annual Energy & Sustainability Conference was hosted by the Solar Hydrogen IGERT and the University of Delaware Energy Institute at the University of Delaware will be held September 15-17, 2011 in Newark, Delaware.

A live stream of this year’s conference was broadcasted here on Videos recorded from the conference are available to view here on

In the spirit of the NSF-IGERT program, this conference was a truly interdisciplinary experience, designed to broaden thinking about Energy & Sustainability, and foster conversations that will lead to a brighter – and more sustainable – future.

The conference began Thursday, with a more technical view of energy, including energy research, use, and production. On Friday, the conference moved from the technical side of energy to discussions of energy and climate change policy, business practices, horticulture, and fashion. Saturday, the final day, focused on the community – where issues of energy and sustainability culminated in how we live with these issues. The day was highlighted with a series of hands-on workshops for conference-goers to fully engage in the topics of discussion.

Some IGERT presentations included:

  • IGERT Kickoff: Melur Ramasubramanian, NSF Program Officer
  • Panel and Keynote: John Byrne, UD – Center for Energy and Environmental Policy, Director
  • UD Student Spotlight: Robin Dutta and Christopher Richard, UD – Center for Energy and Environmental Policy students
  • UD Student Speaker: Erik Koepf, UD – Mechanical Engineering, PhD Candidate

To see all videos:

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