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Deserted (Parts 1 & 2) Interdisciplinary video film project


Deserted; Part 1

Desert; Part 2


Together with ASU photography student Thorman, IGERTs Strawhacker, Cutts, Hale, Larson & Darby collaborated on a 2 part video photography essay entitled “Deserted: Forgetting Nature, Humanity & History in the Salt River Bed”. The video essay was accepted to the Ecological Society of America’s 2009 Millennium Conference on water, ecosystem services, drought & environmental justice. The video highlights the dialectic relationship between humans & the rivers by ‘remembering’ relationships & processes that Phoenix residents tend to forget, including previous attempts to control the rivers, the natural cycles of drought & flooding on the rivers, the continual displacement of marginalized people from the rivers’ edges, our dependence on the ecosystem functions provided by the rivers & the aesthetic of an unmediated desert riparian ecosystem.