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IGERT Affiliate wins Pike Powers Energy Research Fellowship Competition


The University of Texas at Austin IGERT: Sustainable Grid Integration of Distributed and Renewable Resources is pleased to announce that Krystian Perez, IGERT Affiliate from the Department of Chemical Engineering won first place in the Pike Powers Energy Research Fellowship Competition for a research proposal centered around the following theme: Meters to models: Using smart meter data to predict and control home energy use. The fellowship is awarded to a student or faculty member of the research consortium that develops the most impactful research using Pecan Street’s unique dataset to answer a question of critical importance to industry. Along with the recognition of first place, Krystian received a $10,000 cash prize. Competitors for the Pike Powers award submitted a research proposal in December 2013. The Industry Advisory Council (IAC) reviewed proposals and ten competitors were selected to complete and submit a draft of their research papers to the Pecan Street Institute prior to the March 2014 technical workshop. Draft findings of the finalists’ proposals were presented to IAC members for industry review (similar to peer review). Award winners were announced June 2014.