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Assistive technologies for the visually impaired

Research Achievements

Assistive technologies for the visually impaired

A second area of research focuses on assistive technologies for the visually impaired. One project is focusing on blind navigation and is exploring the viability of 3-D audio to provide information for guidance. Other projects are examining screen readers and other assistive devices for interactions with the internet. A third direction is tactile cuing. One project is examining the B-Code, which is a system developed by Sally Barker. The B-Code provides a tactile "color wheel" using fabrics and texture backing to recreate great works of art. The hypothesis is that the combination of tactile and color codes will allow sited and blind individuals to share the aesthetic experience of great works of art. A second project is examining tactile codes to aid navigation on computer screens (e.g., to demarcate different functional regions of a webpage).