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Mitigation of risks posed by emerging technology

Research Achievements

Mitigation of risks posed by emerging technology

PROACTIVE RISK MANAGEMENT FOR SAFETY AND SECURITY With accelerating technical change, proactive mitigation of risks posed by emerging technologies is needed. This project has generated preliminary results in three areas. 1. Developed tools for designing and testing safer more secure systems, by identifying analytic methods from aerospace and mechanical engineering useful in design and testing in other fields. 2. Designed risk assessment processes to improve quality and acceptability of assessment, by early engagement of ‘red teams’ of regulators, insurers, NGOs and technologists. 3. Examined retrospective cases of proactive risk management, through studies on technologies such as boilers, elevators, reactors that were seen as presenting risks. 4. Launched prospective testbeds on next generation internet protocols and standards security with NSF FIND and DoD Project Minerva; and on biological chassis and therapeutics safety with NSF SynBERC and the Smithsonian Woodrow Wilson Center.