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International collaboration key in training

Education Achievements

International collaboration key in training

INTERNATIONAL COLLABORATION AS KEY ELEMENT OF TRAINING This year, our major international activities took three forms. (1) We co-organized a meeting at the University of Edinburgh on adaptive management of risks associated with emerging technologies, working with British ESRC biological risk centers and the Netherlands Environment Assessment Agency in June 2008. 2 PIs and 4 trainees participated in this meeting. (2) We sent 2 IGERT trainees, 1 affiliated student, and 1 PI to present posters and to participate in SB 4.0 in Hong Kong in October 2009; (3) We co-organized a session on technology transfer bearing on climate change for the Pugwash International Conference at the Hague, with papers by 1 PI and 1 trainee. Students reported that these 2008-2009 activities, including prior organization and consultation and follow up on publications, were useful in benchmarking their own work by learning about the status of research by parallel groups abroad.