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Trainees gain experience through interdisciplinary work

Education Achievements

Trainees gain experience through interdisciplinary work

IGERT trainees gain valuable educational experience through collaborative interdisciplinary research. All trainees report campus-based interactions coupling research in the sciences, engineering and/or medicine, and many did research off campus, at Pacific Northwest National Laboratory, Fred Hutcheson Cancer Research Center, the Fritz Haber Institute (Berlin), and MIT. A trainee working with PNNL reports "through my discussions with Dr. Baer [PNNL, IGERT co-PI] and my advisor about the project outcomes, challenges and future progress I have significantly advanced my knowledge ... [it has] given me a new perspective on my project and the field in general." A student who traveled to see his discovery implemented into a device reports "this exceptional experience gave me the information which I needed to more thoroughly understand the important variables for a successful transfer, in addition to being an exciting opportunity to learn more about their novel platform."