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Trainee plan conference to be hosted by UW CNT

Education Achievements

Trainee plan conference to be hosted by UW CNT

Several IGERT trainees form the organizing committee for a workshop to be held in June 2009, taking responsibility for choosing and inviting both external and internal speakers. One reports: "One of the most fascinating and rewarding additions to my educational experience this training period has been the opportunity to be involved in planning a conference hosted by the UW CNT. There have been several educational benefits. First of all, witnessing and taking part in the organization and planning involved has been highly useful in helping me develop an understanding and insight into the organizational and procedural methods involved, which I feel will greatly help me in the future. Secondly, by being involved in the process of inviting speakers, this has led to interactions with members of the scientific community with whom I would not normally have contact. This will be useful in future setting involving career choices and decisions."