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Genetic basis for drug resistance in malaria

Research Achievements

Genetic basis for drug resistance in malaria

GLOBES trainee Becky Miller has developed a Real World Practicum (RWP) that compliments her core dissertation work studying the genetic basis for drug resistance in parasites that cause malaria. Through a collaboration forged by GLOBES with Notre Dame’s Ford Family Program of the Kellogg Institute, Becky puts her IGERT training into action by focusing her efforts on evaluating current Ugandan government malarial programs and policies and their effectiveness in reducing the incidence and burden of malaria. Additionally, her RWP aims to evaluate the quality of antimalarial drugs available in the private drug market in Uganda. During the Summer of 2009 under the sponsorship of the Ford Family Program, Becky will travel to Uganda with a GLOBES REU student to complete a comprehensive drug sampling and policy review for two weeks and then return to Notre Dame to test the drug samples for minimum quality standards at the Center for Environmental Science & Technology.