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GLOBES trainees participate in training modules

Education Achievements

GLOBES trainees participate in training modules

GLOBES trainees participated in the Practicum in Environmental Ecology training module conducted at the University of Notre Dame Environmental Research Center in northern Wisconsin/Michigan peninsula, July 2008. Prof. Gary Lamberti, Chair of the Dept. of Biological Sciences and Co-PI of the GLOBES/IGERT grant, led the training module that included lecture and field experiences in aquatic and environmental biology. A second cross-training module, Economics of the Environment, is planned for May, 2009, coordinated by GLOBES faculty advisor Richard Jensen, chair of the Department of Economics and Econometrics at Notre Dame. Jensen plans morning lecture sessions followed by small group activities in the afternoon that will focus on three fundamental elements of environmental economics. Both modules offer trainees the unique opportunity to acquire cross training skills and knowledge in disciplines outside of their primary fields of study.