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IGERT trainee's work displayed in Switzerland

Trainee Achievements

IGERT trainee's work displayed in Switzerland

Trainee Rama Hoeztlein (Media Arts and Technology) has met considerable success with his project on Social Evolution (, an experiment in simulated societies. As we become increasingly attracted to scientific theories and philosophies about social dynamics, Social Evolution asks: Can simulations of social dynamics ever paint an accurate picture of reality? The research has yielded interesting results in social simulations.

The exhibition of Social Evolution at the Centre for the Contemporary Image in Geneve, Switzerland was a unique experience in that Hoeztlein’s work was the only one of about twenty media artists to be displayed through an exterior window of the building to the outside world. From street traffic, it is estimated that over 1000 people viewed the work over the course of the month the exhibition was up. Hoeztlein notes that the feeling of showing creative work publicly is a unique one.