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Task performance in augmented reality scenarios

Research Achievements

Task performance in augmented reality scenarios

Jon Ventura and Tobias Hollerer have developed a study to measure the effects of display properties on task performance in an augmented reality scenario. In augmented reality (AR), a computer-generated overlay provides information about the real world seen through a head-mounted display. They are studying the effect of variable display field of view and head tracking quality on user performance in an object tracking task. The augmented view allows objects to be seen behind walls. Preliminary results show that lowering display fidelity has a significantly negative effect on task performance. The significance of the study is that display properties such as field of view and tracking quality in AR are not often studied in a controlled manner. We are looking for a relationship between these display properties and task performance in AR. This information would help designers of AR systems to know what are the hardware and software requirements to meet a certain level of performance.