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Weekly Optics Seminar a success

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Weekly Optics Seminar a success

The weekly Optics Seminar, which exists strictly because of OSEP-IGERT, continues to be well-attended and well-reviewed by students and faculty alike. One aspect that differentiates it from other seminars on campus is its inclusion of industry representatives as guest speakers. We have heard students exclaim how valuable it is to learn about research in industry, the career paths of those who chose this type of employment, and what it is like to work in industry. No other graduate seminar regularly features prominent industry representatives. The seminar has been instrumental in encouraging campus-wide, and even nationwide, contact with researchers studying optics. Further, since students select a number of the seminar speakers, the seminar topics have been diverse and have often provided a window into other complementary research, often opening the door for collaboration. Students have also learned how to network with colleagues and mentors through this seminar.