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Panel session for Pathways to Success conference

Education Achievements

Panel session for Pathways to Success conference

A group of 7 AMw3-IGERT trainees and one faculty member successfully organized a panel session for the inaugural conference titled Pathways to Success: Integrating Human Dimensions into Fish and Wildlife Management, held Sept. 28 to Oct. 2, 2008, in Estes Park, Colorado. The IGERT panel addressed the theme ‘Water Resources and Human-Wildlife Coexistence: Water Resources and Ecosystem Services for Human-Wildlife Coexistence.’ Developing the theme required an interactive learning process of adapting a broad range of individual research projects in Africa and the United States to fit together in a cohesive panel presentation. Participants collaborated on developing and fine-tuning their talks, including a full-length rehearsal the night before the panel. The conference also gave IGERT participants a chance to learn and discuss interdisciplinary approaches with a diverse group of professionals and researchers from around the world in a relaxed yet focused conference setting