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Trainee teaches "Human Footprint on the Landscape"

Trainee Achievements

Trainee teaches "Human Footprint on the Landscape"

Narcisa Pricope was the sole instructor of record for an interdisciplinary level three course in the Geography Department, called Human Footprint on the Landscape. She has repeatedly stressed during our IGERT seminar how teaching this class would not have been possible for her had she not been exposed to so many topics and disciplines in our IGERT program. The interdisciplinarity orientation in her overall training as an IGERT associate allowed her to confidently lecture on a large variety of topics ranging from biophysical and ecological processes affecting the spheres of Earth to social and economic implications and various management approaches. In structuring her course, Narcisa utilized the model of several of the IGERT courses to ensure effective involvement of students in meaningful discussions and in-class and out of class interactions.