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Trainees design and teach undegraduate honors course

Education Achievements

Trainees design and teach undegraduate honors course

For the second year, our IGERT students have developed and taught an undergraduate honors course titled "Water, Environment, and Society" that explores global issues of water shortage, pollution, and conflict in an interdisciplinary context. The course was developed and refined by a team of IGERT students. Three of our IGERT students serve as lead instructors, providing day-to-day interaction with students and facilitating the course, supplemented by guest lectures from other IGERT students, exposing students to research methods and topics in the humanities and the biophysical and social sciences. The course is significant to undergraduate education as it gives them access to a multidisciplinary team of student teachers, each of whom brings a perspective unique to their own training. It also gives graduate students a rare chance to plan and teach in an interdisciplinary team setting, reinforcing the ties within and across cohorts, and deepening conversations about interdisciplinarity.