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Adaptive management plan for St. Mary's River

Trainee Achievements

Adaptive management plan for St. Mary's River

Hollie Hall and Susanna Blair, AMw3-IGERT trainees, along with several other UF graduate students formed an interdisciplinary team to develop an adaptive management plan for the St. Mary’s River on the border between Florida and Georgia. Because of its interstate location, management is split between numerous agencies of the two states and the federal government. The team focused on resolving stakeholder concerns through research and analysis of a diverse array of information within the various disciplinary perspectives of each of the team members. They researched all aspects of the river’s biophysical, social, economic, and governmental systems and then coordinated activities of three stakeholder groups and the University of Georgia’s River Basin Center making several presentations to communicate significant findings and recommendations. Their work resulted in the development and implementation of an adaptive watershed management approach for the St. Mary’s Basin.