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IGERT fellows mentor NSF-REU students

Trainee Achievements

IGERT fellows mentor NSF-REU students

NSF-REU students are mentored by ChemGen IGERT fellows. To date, fellows have mentored 11 undergrads were mentored in the Plant Cell Biology or BioAnalytical Science REU Site Programs. Students from 2- and 4-year institutions were guided by an IGERT fellow to complete a research project involving chemical genomics. The REU students participated in professional development workshops that include information about NSF-IGERT programs. In 2008 three REU participants were guided by fellows: O'Leary (UC Riverside, mentored by Dinh), Washington (African American from Cal State Polytechnic University mentored by Brown), and Silva (Riverside Community College, mentored by Smith). Details about our REU participants and their projects are online. Three of these undergraduates applied for graduate studies at UCR and were offered IGERT Fellowships. This year 4 fellows mentored 7 UCR undergraduates including 3 were underrepresented minorities.