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Sharing knowledge: What is a wetland?

Education Achievements

Sharing knowledge: What is a wetland?

Desired goal: How do we get trainees to share their disciplinary knowledge with others in ways that are useful across disciplines. We asked trainees to answer the same question, What is a Wetland, from the perspective of geoscience, bioscience, geography, sociology, and policy science. Each trainee prepared a PowerPoint presentation that was viewed by instructors, trainees, and undergrad interns. Geology trainee focused on five physical characteristics of wetlands; biology trainee focused on the biota found in wetlands; geography trainee focused on soil and hydrology; sociology trainee focused on the social definitions and controversies associated with the use and preservation of wetlands; policy science trainee focused on the evolution of legal definitions and policies designed to regulate wetland use and development. These presentations combined to show the different frameworks used in different disciplines working on a similar problem.