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IGERT trainee receives Streetman Junior Prize

Trainee Achievements

IGERT trainee receives Streetman Junior Prize

Shannon Lewis, Electrical & Computer Engineering, won the Streetman junior Prize 2 years ago. This prize is given annually to the best graduate student who is in the process of doing his/her PhD. The selection for this is made by a panel of faculty. This establishes her caliber for research and serves as a comparison with other graduate students. Since she has received the award, she has maintained her productivity at the same levels. Her research this past year has led to two significant results which are being readied for publication in separate papers (i) The first demonstration of an inorganic thin-film transistor chemical sensor with an organic receptor. (ii) The idea of using very thick, porous receptors to enhance response. This was a serendipitous discovery and promises to be a way to get linear responses with such sensors, which, if successful, will be a major result in terms of practical electronic noses.