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Trainee is an exemplary leader for his IGERT

Trainee Achievements

Trainee is an exemplary leader for his IGERT

Alfred Lee, Physics, has been an exemplary leader in this IGERT. He led the IGERT trainees in organizing a journal club with monthly meetings. These journal club meetings are entirely trainee run. He was invited to give a talk at the Materials Science Institute / IGERT Retreat in Oregon. The IGERT/MSI Retreat hosted IGERT trainees from nationwide IGERT programs in material science-based research to collect and summarize best practices of the participating IGERT programs from the perspective of the trainees. His talk on scanned probe microscopy techniques was well received. In addition, he led the efforts in hosting a seminar speaker, Dr. Gary Weiderrecht, Center for Nanoscale Materials, Argonne National Laboratory. He invited Dr. Weiderrecht, set a meeting schedule with other IGERT faculty and led in the efforts to host a dinner with other trainees. The outcome of these activities is that Alfred has grown as a leader and this has also benefited all the other IGERT trainees.