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Annual 2-day ethics class

Education Achievements

Annual 2-day ethics class

An annual 2-day Ethics class led by Prof. Elaine Li. 13 trainees enrolled. Some outcomes are: IGERT students received granting writing training by a panel of 3 experts. They exposed trainees to different aspects such as formulating a valid idea, addressing the mission of different funding agencies, and proposing a reasonable budget that satisfies requirements by the university and funding agencies. Trainees received information on university and industrial intellectual property by the Associate VP for Research. Trainees received training on ethics rules in industries from a panel of managers from local hi tech companies. Students reported the ethics course provided the first opportunity of exposure to topics covered. There are currently no dedicated ethics courses in the College of Natural Sciences. We can easily adapt this course so that it is suitable for a regular course open to all, therefore, improving ethics education at UT.