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Novel stretchable fingernail sensor

Research Achievements

Novel stretchable fingernail sensor

Dr. Mascaro, IGERT co-PI, and Jumana Abu-Khalaf, IGERT Trainee, have developed a novel stretchable fingernail sensor for measuring fingertip forces for human-computer interaction. The original fingernail sensor was rigidly attached to the human fingernail, necessitating a customized fabrication for each individual user. Using novel fabrication techniques, a new stretchable sensor has been developed, where optoelectronic components are embedded within a soft rubber substrate, connected by stretchable conductors. This stretchable sensor can conform to the two-dimensional curvature of any human finger, eliminating the need for individual customization.

This fingernail sensor can be used in grasping and HCI tasks by measuring the pressure-induced coloration of the fingernail. A prototype was demonstrated at World Haptic 2009 in Salt Lake City.