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Ethics and Professionalism in Archaeological Resarch

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Ethics and Professionalism in Archaeological Resarch

Two IPEM trainees, Megan Carney (UW-Anthropology) and Megan Van Wolkenten (WSU-Anthropology) have co-developed, with faculty supervision, a new ethics course entitled "Ethics and Professionalism in Archaeological/Biocultural Research" offered for the first time this spring at UW by Megan Carney. The course offers a hands-on, research-appropriate look at ethics and professionalism. The course considers a number of issues that arise in the practice of anthropology, archeology, ecology and animal behavior research, such as: animal rights versus animal welfare, wild animal habituation, informed consent and internal review boards, confidentiality, responsible reporting, academic procedures and responsibilities - including authorship issues and data use and abuse, responsibilities to communities, and conservation concerns and responsibilities. Informal feedback from trainees taking the course (it is also available more widely) has been extremely positive.