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Research addresses interdisciplinary objectives

Research Achievements

Research addresses interdisciplinary objectives

Within our 1st cohort of students starting Fall 2009, we have current Dartmouth graduate students who are altering the direction or focus of their graduate research to address our interdisciplinary objectives. For example, with funding from the Dartmouth Arctic Institute, a YR1 2009 IGERT trainee and IGERT faculty Brad Taylor will be in the field summer '09 near Kangerlussuaq to explore a potential thesis project on the response of Greenland stream insects to temperature change. Another continuing 1st year Dartmouth graduate student/IGERT trainee in Fall 2009 is redirecting her research interests to polar regions. Our 3rd continuing graduate student, an IGERT engineering trainee as of Fall 2009, supervised by Donald Perovich (CRREL), is already working on a project to assess the impact of changes in Arctic Ocean sea ice dynamics and feedbacks to Arctic heat balance.