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Weekly discussions on risk analysis

Education Achievements

Weekly discussions on risk analysis

The Spring 2009 weekly ISG8001 discussions (attended by IGERT students, faculty and external partners) addressed a range of approaches to risk analysis used by agencies. We focused on a wide variety of approaches to actual risk assessments rather than the theory behind analyses (covered in ISG 5010). IGERT faculty and students led 6 of the sessions and external partners (MN DNR, MN Dept. Agriculture, USFWS, MN Sea Grant) led 6 other sessions. The discussions were recorded and are available online at: Students and faculty learned from our local partners how ERA is modified from theory to application and how agencies must consider costs and benefits of ERA. Students gained an understanding of how context and compromise can influence the ERA process. Students identified six key areas for future research to improve ERA, including better approaches to get stakeholder input and involvement.