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Trainees present results of oak wilt research

Research Achievements

Trainees present results of oak wilt research

Five Trainees presented the results of their oak wilt research at the MN Invasive Species Conference in Duluth, MN. Their presentations comprised an entire session & included findings on economic impacts & technical, sociological, & policy barriers to effective management. A summary of their findings was published electronically: To further facilitate dissemination of the Trainee’s results, the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources (MNDNR) asked IGERT faculty Rob Venette & Kristen Nelson to organize an oak wilt conference at Carlos Avery, MN, where the students to presented their findings to MNDNR & USFS staff, city & private foresters from many municipalities in MN. The participants broke into two groups and developed a set of management & research goals and strategies for how stakeholder groups could collaborate to achieve them. Thus, the student research findings were translated into management actions and a research agenda.