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3rd annual "Bridging the Gap" symposium

Education Achievements

3rd annual "Bridging the Gap" symposium

On 3/30/09 we held our 3rd annual "Bridging the Gap" symposium. Affiliate faculty member Dr. Marty Goldhaber, senior research geochemist at the USGS, Denver, along with two associate staff members, as well as 3MT mentor Dr. Miguel Garcia-Diaz presented research findings. The Denver group presented work related to their geochemical work related to the distribution of metal-rich sediments and soils in the Sacramento Basin, CA. Dr. Garcia-Diaz presented work on the effect of Mn(II) on DNA synthesis. In addition 4 trainees presented snapshot presentations. Snapshot presentations are one-slide talks limited to five minutes. The students are challenged to present a research highlight using this format. This forum is highly valued and we will double the frequency.