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Three core courses offered

Education Achievements

Three core courses offered

Three of the four IGERT core courses were offered during this reporting period. “Community Inclusion: An Introduction to People with Disabilities” was offered at both Arizona State University (ASU) and California State University at Long Beach (CSULB) during Fall 2012. Faculty from ASU and CSULB jointly developed the curriculum. A second core course, “Assistive Technologies” was developed and offered at ASU during Fall 2012. In Spring 2013, a third course, “IGERT: Human Centered Design of Assistive Technology and Adaptive Technology” was offered at both ASU and CSULB. Faculty at CSULB and ASU also jointly developed the curriculum for this course. Students enrolled in these courses included IGERT trainees, associates and students outside our IGERT program representing multiple disciplines. In addition, the fourth IGERT core course, “Disability Technology, Ethics, and Policy” was developed by faculty, trainees, and associates at ASU and CSULB, and will be offered in Fall 2013.