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New new courses taught

Education Achievements

New new courses taught

Our successful development and implementation of two more of our academic courses required for the achievement of the GES minor was accomplished during this reporting period. The first course, Principles of Genetic Pest Management, was taught during the Fall 2012 semester and served to give our students a basis in the hard science behind Genetic Pest Management. This course was team taught by three professors across multiple disciplines (Entomology, Genetics, Ecology) and required student-lead discussions and material presentations. The second course, New Technologies in Social and Cultural Contexts, was taught during the Spring 2013 semester and served to give the students a structural framework with which to approach the humanities and social science side of our IGERT. This course was team taught by three IGERT faculty across multiple disciplines (Communication, Anthropology & History) and required student-lead and student-mediated group discussion.