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New wind energy courses developed

Education Achievements

New wind energy courses developed

We have developed and taught three courses central to the WESEP Ph.D. degree program. These three courses are described below:
1. WESEP 594, Real-Time Research Collaborative (RTRC): The RTRC is a 1 hour course offered every semester where students are required to complete the entire research cycle, e.g., proposal, development, and publication and presentation. In addition, students are exposed to faculty describing how they "do" research, industry seminars, and faculty addressing ethical and policy-related issues. This course was offered in Fall 2012 and Spring 2013. Materials used in these two WESEP 594 course offers is available on-line at
2. WESEP 501, Wind Energy Resources: This 3 credit course was taught for the first time Fall 2012.
3. WESEP 502, Wind Energy Systems: This 3 credit graduate course was taught for the first time Spring 2013.