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Visual Analytics: Leveraging Geo-Social Data course

Education Achievements

Visual Analytics: Leveraging Geo-Social Data course

IGERT trainees, associates, affiliates -- from departments including political science, health policy, geography, demography, information sciences, and computer sciences -- were able to participate in this first course developed explicitly as a result of the IGERT program, and to be included in the proposed Social Data Analytics dual-title PhD program.

Absent BDSS-IGERT, students from the social sciences would not otherwise have had a similar opportunity. IGERT students were involved in interdisciplinary group projects including "NVizABLE" (a network visualization tool, Idris, Smith and Stevens), "HR Viewer" (a tool to visualize sentiment toward health care reform on social media, Abiero et al.) and "LingViz" (a tool for visualizing multilingual tweeting, Ariotti & Yu), the first two of which have been presented at professional conferences.