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Trainees participate in entrepreneurial-focused courses

Education Achievements

Trainees participate in entrepreneurial-focused courses

A high quality fundamental science and engineering education is the foundation from which translational research must be based. Our IGERT trainees have been following a rigorous curriculum that emphasizes science and engineering principles, biological fundamentals and design with a strong focus on the theme of biological delivery technologies. Required science and engineering courses are distributed among three thematic threads: (1) quantitative fundamentals, (2) biological systems and modeling and (3) transport phenomena. In addition, our students develop a parallel understanding of entrepreneurial principles by completing courses in Tulane’s Schools of Business (through the Levy-Rosenblum Institute for Entrepreneurship) and Law. Through these entrepreneurial-focused courses, trainees build critical business and legal acumen, participate in at least one business plan competition and gain exposure to professional opportunities in non-academic environments.