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Trainees participate in 8-week lab rotations

Research Achievements

Trainees participate in 8-week lab rotations

First year trainees participate in three 8-week lab rotations in Tulane’s Schools of Science & Engineering and Medicine. This has fostered new collaborations between scientific, engineering and clinical research communities, reinforcing the interdisciplinary and translational goals at the core of our IGERT Program. The rotations have also provided our students with a wealth of resources and perspectives to enhance their PhD projects. In this short period of time, their research has been incorporated into several submitted manuscripts:
-D Dashti: “Identification of distinctly expressed microRNA families in pro-inflammatory and anti-inflammatory human mesenchymal stem cell phenotypes” (Stem Cells Transl Med)
-D Dashti: “Oxygenated Hemoglobin saturation is significant at different temperatures when assessing organ transplants under cold ischemia” (J Surg Res)
-N Pashos: "Non-human Primate Lung Decellularization and Recellularization Using a Specialized Large-organ Bioreactor" (JoVE)