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First-year cohort hosts workshop on future of water

Trainee Achievements

First-year cohort hosts workshop on future of water

The first-year cohort of CCWAS trainees planned and hosted a workshop, "The Future of Water in California," that brought together leading scientists, policymakers, and managers to discuss the state of climate science, hydrology, social science, and implications for resource management and planning; and decision makers who identified key research questions aimed at informing scientists about what managers and policy-makers need. Reed Maxwell, Director of the Integrated GroundWater Modeling Center at the Colorado School of Mines and workshop speaker, commented on the timeliness of the workshop: "The interfaces are ripe for some very interesting science right now because these problems span multidisciplinary boundaries." The trainees next will write a summary of the workshop, aimed at a mixed audience of scientists and water managers, with the goal of publication in monthly newsletter widely read by professionals in the field.