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Faculty develop core course

Education Achievements

Faculty develop core course

Faculty in the CCWAS IGERT developed and taught a core course that introduced students to fundamentals of atmospheric science, hydrologic science, environmental policy, and water management. The course, led by CCWAS PI Graham Fogg, included faculty lectures on atmospheric dynamics, climate models, and the IPCC report; water-climate feedbacks, ground and surface water processes, hydrological modeling; and the foundations of environmental policy and decision-making. In addition, four staff members from the California Department of Water Resources addressed California's water resources infrastructure, modeling and planning tools, public education about climate change, and the challenges that climate change will pose for water management. Five CCWAS trainees, one REACH IGERT trainee, and eight non-IGERT students enrolled. One student commented, "Great foundation for the beginning of our doctoral programs. Exposure to governance/management and some key contacts in agencies was great."