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Development of field-effect and light-emitting transistors

Research Achievements

Development of field-effect and light-emitting transistors

With the interdisciplinary training, we have examined the spatially resolved photocurrent response of an organic photovoltaics and field-effect transistors (FET) to probe the charge, potential, and electric field distribution in a device under bias. A full set of organic FET test devices and samples have been developed for analysis and characterization. High-field associated with top-contact organic FET devices yields an effective injection barrier that is significantly lower than bottom contact devices, leading to advantages associated with dipolar surface layers and improvement in device crystallinity and morphology. We have also been developing light emitting transistors (LET) integrated with optical enhancement structures and ambipolar fluorescent organic semiconductors. This interdisciplinary project involves fabrication and characterization a material system integrated in a glovebox for air-free handling.