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Cross-scales biogeochemical modeling course begins

Education Achievements

Cross-scales biogeochemical modeling course begins

The cross-scales biogeochemical modeling course (BEE 4940) had its first incarnation in Spring 2013. Fifteen students took the course for credit and several others audited. The students had a broad range of backgrounds: some had strong computer skills but little biogeochemistry, while others had substantial biogeochemistry but few computer skills. The goal was to reach across these diverse backgrounds, going slowly at first, but using sophisticated models at the end. Students learned how to conceptualize models, convert their ideas to mathematical equations, find model parameters, build simple box models and then more complicated box models and finally to use earth system models (the Community Earth System Model). The course emphasized ideas on how to compare models to observations, and methods for simplifying problems to allow them to be modeled. Students completed approximately weekly homework's demonstrating the skills from the course, and a final project of their choosing.