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Trainee researches tung oil based polyester resin

Trainee Achievements

Trainee researches tung oil based polyester resin

IGERT trainee Eldon Trigg developed and is implementing a research plan on tung oil as the primary plant oil for bio-based polyester resins. The use of tung oil based polyester resin, dispersion of micro / nano fibril (MNF) cellulose to increase fracture toughness, tensile strength, and storage modulus, and infusion of these resins and fillers into jute fiber cloth to make bio-composites are the root of this research. Questions being researched are (1) will the thermo-mechanical properties (TMP) of tung oil based resins improve by varying monomer percentage and condensation time, (2) will the TMP of bio-based commercial resins improve through the use of cellulose micro/nano fibrils, (3) will the TMP of bio-based composites comprised of tung-oil based polyester resin, micro / nano fibril cellulose, and woven jute fiber cloth demonstrate similar or improved TMP and water absorption behavior over alternatives, and (4) how does their environmental impact compare with alternatives?