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Trainees create novel electric powered wheelchair

Research Achievements

Trainees create novel electric powered wheelchair

Standard Electric Powered Wheelchairs (EPWs) have been unable to overcome architectural barriers such as curbs and steep roads. In the past 20 years many models of EPWs have been designed to climb curbs; however, these models show a bigger mechanical design than current EPWs and have other characteristics that might not meet the user’s needs and ISO/RESNA standard wheelchair tests. A novel electric powered wheelchair developed by IGERT fellows, MeBot, has the ability to climb steps and is able to drive under hazardous surfaces, cross slopes, and steep hills. MeBot was designed in consideration of the ISO/RESNA standard wheelchair test and the standard dimensions of current EPWs. In its current form, the MeBot is able to climb an 8 inch curb with the use of the switches interface.