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New class on energy policy

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New class on energy policy

Energy Policy PUBP 8803 is a new class developed by Dan Matisoff for the GT NESAC IGERT. Students learn energy policy theory from a welfare economics perspective. The assumptions of the competitive market model, market failures that justify government intervention, and the tradeoffs associated with tools that address these market failures are examined. Major US energy sources (coal, oil, natural gas, nuclear, renewables) and end uses (electricity, transportation, residential & commercial use), as well as policies associated with their promotion and regulation are explored. Particular attention is paid to the regulation of electricity markets, environmental regulations associated with coal, nuclear, oil, and natural gas, and policies associated with the promotion of renewables, fossil fuels, nuclear, and energy efficiency. Students complete a research project that explores an area that intersects between the technical characteristics of energy consumption and policies that promote it.