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Vermont Energy Future Modeling (EFS) project launched

Research Achievements

Vermont Energy Future Modeling (EFS) project launched

Building on a case study analysis of the eEnergy Vermont Collaborative (Koliba et al, 2013), the Vermont Energy Future Modeling (EFS) project has been launched as a collaboration between UVM IGERT and government leaders in Vermont. IGERT trainee Christopher Clement, under the guidance of co-advisors Asim Zia and Jon Erickson and Peter Kobus from Sandia National Labs, is developing a model to evaluate dynamic scenarios for achieving the goals of Vermont's Comprehensive Energy Plan. EFS models the system dynamics of energy supply by fuel source and energy demand by sector over time. The strength of this modeling approach is its incorporation of non-linear dynamic interrelationships and feedbacks related to energy prices, energy intensity, population, and economic activity. Creating this analytically rigorous platform with which to explore dynamic pathways of system change is critical at a time when Vermont is preparing to undergo a transformational shift toward renewable energy.