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Physical Cell Biology course begins

Education Achievements

Physical Cell Biology course begins

Prof. Martin Forstner (Physics) and Prof. Melissa Pepling (Biology) developed the new course Physical Cell Biology and taught it for the first time in Fall 2012. The course found great resonance within the graduate student body of the participating departments. In addition to the six IGERT students, other students from biology, physics, chemistry and engineering enrolled in the course, bringing the total enrollment to 31. The course covered essentially the material of an introductory Cell Biology and Biophysics course. Emphasis was given to topics relevant to the IGERT theme, such as the biology and physics of membranes, cell mechanics and interactions of cells with their environment. The feedback and student evaluation of the course on surveys was overall positive, as 86% of the queried students would consider recommending this course to others.

A new course proposal was submitted to and approved by the University Curriculum Committee, making the course a permanent new addition.