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Three new courses developed for trainees

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Three new courses developed for trainees

Three distinct curricular offerings were developed for the first cohort of students: 1) Fall 2012 - SOS 598: Solar Utilization Network: an interdisciplinary energy case studies course focused on the foundational challenges in four core energy areas – Bioenergy, Photovoltaics, Solar Thermal, and Sustainability & Policy; 2) Spring 2013 SOS 598: Energy in Context: a workshop-based course focused on scale-up of solar energy technologies. Key topics: 1) environmental and conservation Impacts; 2) economics of production and policy/regulatory environment; 3) laboratory to industry transition; 3) Informal Learning Opportunities (Fall & Spring): 1-hour seminar with a guest speaker ~every other week, and a journal club in alternating weeks. In addition, a Research Rotation for first-year students is offered, typically in four solar energy research groups and focused on a common theme. This year this was not strictly enforced since some students are in their second year of graduate studies.